Studio Equipment Sessions

Studio equipment sessions are for 2-3 clients, each working through an individual programme. These sessions are ideal for any client who has been through an equipment induction session and those who have used equipment previously.

The Pilates equipment provides a resisted workout with more assistance and support than a mat based class. These sessions are suitable for anyone and in particular those wishing to improve overall strength and flexibility. Equipment used could include:-

  • Trapeze
  • Reformer
  • Chair
  • Ladder barrel
  • Spine corrector

If you are already doing matwork classes, studio classes will give you a greater body awareness and will progress your technique. Studio sessions will either be rehabilitation based or will be fitness based for those who perhaps enjoy a specific sport and have certain goals.

You will be matched to a slot that is the perfect level for you after your initial assessment and if there isn't one available then we will open one just for you!