Pilates One To One

Individual Pilates sessions include posture analysis and personal instruction. We first start with a mat session to cover the basic Pilates principles and then move on to the equipment. These sessions focus on your specific needs and therefore are a great way to achieve fantastic results.

We use a variety of Pilates equipment including reformer, trapeze, chair and ladder barrel. The equipment is based on a variety of resistance springs which can be used in a variety of ways, either to support the body to make an exercise easier or when a client is more advanced could be used to challenge the clients movement within an exercise.

Individual sessions are recommended in the following cases:-

  • You are in the process of recovering from an injury that requires rehabilitation
  • You have a long standing condition that requires more individual attention
  • You would like a tailored programme to address specific goals

Call or email to arrange a chat to discuss your specific needs to find out how one to one sessions can help you.